Pablo Art Artists Premium Fan Synthetic Brush Size 2


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Pablo Art Fan Synthetic brushes were the first complete range of synthetic brushes to be developed by Pablo Art. Fan Brushes comes in widest range and sizes to help artist to achieve different effects from water colour washes to fine detail.

Flat ferrule, spread hairs. Use dry or with tips loaded to create texture, smooth other brush strokes, or soften edges. Useful for smoothing and blending, special effects and textures. Used for Grasses, water, trees, etc.

  • Synthetic¬† bristles for good blade and spring action
  • Long handle for good grip and distant working
  • Ideal for impasto painting
  • Suitable for thick oil and acrylic applications
  • Leaves brush marks on painting
  • Retains the original shape of the bristles
  • Good for stroke play on canvas
  • 100% vegan
  • These hard bristle flat brushes are designed to pull thick Oil or Acrylic Colours on a canvas for impasto painting


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